the third of may

The Third of May Arts Inc. is a Canadian curatorial commissioning agency that works
closely with contemporary artists to curate, produce and present public art projects in
Canada and internationally. The Third of May was founded in Toronto in 2009 by curators
Rhonda Corvese and Laurel Saint-Pierre who each have over a decade of experience producing international art projects. The Third of May does not have a permanent exhibition location but rather commissions and produces public art projects in a wide variety of contexts, locally,
nationally and internationally. Our mandate is to initiate and facilitate ambitious and innovative
new works by Canadian and international artists and to provide opportunities for artistic development above and beyond the conventional. As curators and producers, we work closely
with artists to produce innovative public artworks, from concept through to production and installation. We are provincially incorporated in Canada as a non-profit arts organization.

Rhonda Corvese
Laurel Saint-Pierre
Co-Artistic Directors